Stud [noun]

Definition of Stud:


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Sentence/Example of Stud:

He creepin' went and watchin' stud, And he thought to hold her fast.

Sutter touched a stud and the electric runabout coasted to a halt.

Come an' have a dhrink, me son,' sez Peg Barney, staggerin' where he stud.

He picked up a microphone, touched a stud, and turned a knob.

"Stud's undone, old chap," said his opponent as he paid his debt.

The turf, too, was not merely the scene of the triumphs of his stud and his betting-book.

"Smile pretty, everybody," Garlock said, and pressed a stud.

Hoddan adjusted the wave-guide and pressed the stud of his instrument.

He took a small handset from his pocket and pressed the stud.

Moya responded as if he had been waiting with his finger on the stud.