Studded [adjective]

Definition of Studded:


Synonyms of Studded:

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Sentence/Example of Studded:

All this journey is studded with battlefields, and this is one of them.

They were too numerous to be counted, they studded the nave with stars of great price.

No two of them alike; all of them were oddly carved and studded with jewels.

The skin had been torn away, displaying the rosy flesh, studded with dark specks.

He led her through a studded iron door into the twilit auditorium.

It is studded with points—anger, hate, scorn, admiration and defiance.

The moon was shining at the full from a sky of deep blue that was studded with stars.

His boots were of black velvet, laced with gold thread that was studded with gems.

A practicable postern was ajar on the yellow wood of the studded gates.

There were also four golden vases, one of which was studded with gems.