Studied [adjective]

Definition of Studied:


Opposite/Antonyms of Studied:

Sentence/Example of Studied:

They studied the heavens and named the twelve signs of the Zodiak.

He studied Hope's beauty with his eyes, he pondered on all her nobleness.

The Word of God might be useful in its way, but only as studied with unfettered thought.

One could not help feeling that he had studied the possibilities, and felt the danger.

There he hunted and studied astronomy and astrology with the canons of Bolton.

She had studied much over the possibilities of this girl's costume.

Gracie, shielded by the distance, turned on her stool and studied him.

Again, Aggie studied him with a swift glance of interrogation.

I played as heartily as I worked, but I studied with a will, too, and passed a score of mates.

She studied her an instant incredulously, then she went to her and held out her hand.