Studies [noun]

Definition of Studies:

learning, analysis

Opposite/Antonyms of Studies:

Sentence/Example of Studies:

But the evils regarding the hours of study and the nature of the studies were as bad.

It was on my tongue to add: "and the other studies don't matter," but I checked the words.

She was Linda Strong in the high school and for an hour or two at her studies.

Arthur, who has just finished his studies, is still an ardent sailor.

You say the eldest is near sixteen and well come on in his studies.

I did not care for any studies, except geography and drawing.

This gave a slight impetus to me in my studies, but it was only slight.

Here all the varieties of his studies come into play, as it were, spontaneously.

How this unlooked-for ending to my studies came about I must now set before you.

But the close of his studies in divinity was now near at hand.