Studious [adjective]

Definition of Studious:

scholarly, attentive

Synonyms of Studious:

Opposite/Antonyms of Studious:

Sentence/Example of Studious:

He was, to the eyes of men, studious and holy as an anchorite.

They have nothing suggestive of the studious chamber and the midnight lamp.

Besides, his legs were heavy, and he had the quiet nature of a studious lad.

The learned and the studious of thought have no monopoly of wisdom.

Yet he was seen to be not only a studious man, but a melancholy one.

"That is my name, Sehor," said I, with a studious admixture of civility and condescension.

Jack and Fred are obedient, studious, and have good principles.

He was a natural inventor, of studious and observant habits.

They were the keynote of his gentle, studious, kindly, humorous nature.

These children are studious, and the teachers inform me that their advancement is rapid.