Studiously [adverb]

Definition of Studiously:

actively; intently

Opposite/Antonyms of Studiously:

Sentence/Example of Studiously:

Avoid then, studiously avoid, whatever leads to the way of death.

He prepared his effects as studiously and almost as dexterously as Dumas himself.

He studiously prevented any other individual from becoming the Petronius of the circle.

And why, before that, had he been so studiously reticent as to her affairs?

Arrangements to this effect had been studiously made by myself.

He had, in fact, studiously refrained from looking at her throughout the journey.

She studiously avoided any discussion, of the status she had established.

He would as studiously avoid her hereafter, and she should know it.

As a boy Richard hated this picture, studiously avoided the sight of it.

In a few days she received a reply, studiously polite and cold.