Studiousness [noun]

Definition of Studiousness:

higher education

Synonyms of Studiousness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Studiousness:

Sentence/Example of Studiousness:

Her success is neither the result of cleverness nor of studiousness.

Notwithstanding his studiousness, he was ranked among the lowest of his class, and was allotted no part at Commencement.

There was an eighteen-year-old girl in this Butte, as I well remember, with the outward savagery tamed out of her by studiousness.

His studiousness and tractableness lead to one reward in childhood, though it often costs him dear as a man.

Needless to say, the usual Friday morning studiousness did not prevail in the primary room that morning.

Teacher attributed school acceleration to “studiousness” and “delight in school work.”

Not that old Zack misbehaved; on the contrary, he was a model of studiousness and was very anxious to learn.

Indeed he always retained something boyish in his look, for all his studiousness and thoughtfulness, and all that came later.

Evidently smartness and studiousness had nothing to do with it, and Missy felt a pleasurable thrill.

With this studiousness was joined a gaiety and sprightliness that manifested itself in all sorts of fun and mischief.