Stuffing [noun]

Definition of Stuffing:

material used to pad

Synonyms of Stuffing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stuffing:


Sentence/Example of Stuffing:

If he talks to you about it, tell him there isn't any stuffing in me to speak of.

Reserve some of the stuffing to rub all over the outside of the meat.

Fill the fowl with the stuffing, placing in the yolks and truffles.

Lay a little of the stuffing in each kidney and fold it over.

Put the stuffing in the haddock, and fasten it with a small skewer.

The stuffing may be made without oysters; or force-meat or sausage may be used, mixed with crumbs of bread and yolks of eggs.

To roast a small hen turkey or a pullet with batter, the bird must first be boned, and filled with forcemeat or stuffing.

The stuffing is of fern, feathers, mounga, and sundry other matters.

"That's nothing," said Pete, snatching the document and stuffing it into his jacket-pocket.

And then he'll lie awake for nights after, stuffing his head with translations from the Greek.