Stultifying [verb]

Definition of Stultifying:


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Sentence/Example of Stultifying:

But what the privileged orders can no longer prevent, they are determined to stultify.

I pointed out that time might stultify this selection of a title.

Providence does not comply with our predictions in order to stultify us.

Have I ever done anything to stultify, degrade you, or impair your self-respect?

Why, it does not run counter to its own sense of taste, or stultify itself.

How can I imperil that love, and how can I stultify that honour?

To prevent their fulfilment were to stultify their existence.

He recognized that he must not stultify it by a show of irritation.

To have even one confidant would be to stultify the whole affair.

He did not intend to stultify himself, even for Graham's good "friends."