Stumbled [verb]

Definition of Stumbled:

slip, stagger

Synonyms of Stumbled:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stumbled:

Sentence/Example of Stumbled:

I stumbled on the case, and will do professionally all that is needed.

Thus freed of that strangling embrace, Dick stumbled blindly to his feet.

They had stumbled in the dark on the bedding-place of a flock of Bighorn.

But Stevie had stumbled within five minutes of being left to himself.

Dimly I gathered that she had stumbled, and he had saved her from falling.

We stumbled into the household at a crisis, and there was a deal of downright humanity in that same.

And in the dark, in the porch, I stumbled against Monsieur Dario.

His glazed eye searched the shining skies as he stumbled along.

It gave a few fiery leaps forward, stumbled, and fell to its knees.

Suddenly he stumbled and sat down in a ditch or water-course.