Stumbles [verb]

Definition of Stumbles:

slip, stagger

Synonyms of Stumbles:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stumbles:

Sentence/Example of Stumbles:

It would be a stroke of luck if I could stumble on one of his hiding places!

Mr Vladimir did not stumble, did not stagger back, did not change his stride.

Within the bounds of possibility, their turn to stumble might now be imminent.

There is no stumble in you, for you have done a great deed, and the Red Gods are smiling.

I should stumble and fall over the smallest pebble in the path.

“I got in from the west just in time to stumble on that gang of rats,” he flared.

He should have upheld her so that she did not stumble over these pitfalls of the earth.

So that they cannot endure this stone, and they stumble against it.

For a world that at the first check or stumble will overwhelm me with slanders.

She was far too subtle and wary to stumble into such a pitfall as that.