Stumpy [adjective]

Definition of Stumpy:

short and thick

Synonyms of Stumpy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stumpy:


Sentence/Example of Stumpy:

As for Stumpy, he was just the sort of a lad his name indicated.

"Probably the presence of Stumpy made her bashful," suggested Ned.

She was stumpy, high bowed, low waisted, with a short black funnel.

Why had his own fingers been made so stumpy and square-tipped?

The same may be said of the different Cryptocephali, who all have stumpy limbs.

Stumpy succumbed to a. fit of depression from which nothing could rouse him.

Flapping his stumpy wings he cried incessantly, "I'll fly, by God, I'll fly!"

Leopold was terribly startled when he heard the voice of Stumpy.

Stumpy was Leopold's dearest friend and most intimate companion.

It was exciting work, and the blood of Leopold and Stumpy had been up to fever heat.