Stun [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Stun:

Sir, it will stun you; and you should have nothing to disturb you in the state of health you are in.

Their intention was to stun her only and then make off with her little bag.

My young mis', she had a ring on her finger wid a stun in it like a star.

But I'll be durned if I ever seen a stun fired as neat as that!

As in the morning, so again now the sound seemed to stun the vigorous man.

"If ye hadn't gi'n me warnin', Liz, that there stun'd about fixed me," he remarked.

I had not gone far when a "crump" struck so close as to stun and partly bury me.

And had he begun to build his castles to stun and overawe the rabbles that pass his door?

He rapped sharply on the door with the butt of his stun gun.

One blow is usually enough to stun the prey and knock it down.