Stung [verb]

Definition of Stung:

prick, pain

Synonyms of Stung:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stung:





Sentence/Example of Stung:

It stung her to hear her friends suspected of behaving unjustly.

Napoleon withdrew his hand as sharply as if a bee amid the fruit had stung him.

The point of the jest immediately became a sting, and stung my conscience.

If I had only stung him into being a man for a minute I would have abandoned it.

A gust of wind and sleet rushed through the opening and stung their faces.

He was stung by some old recollection, and had marched off, seething with fury.

Mr. Dunbar winced, as if the announcement of the girl's refusal had stung him to the quick.

My father at once grew as awkward as I, and he gave me a rub so rough it stung.

I started to my feet, stung into life by the agony of a new hope.

Eugen, as if stung by some tormenting thought, sprung up and we left the wood.