Stunning [adjective]

Definition of Stunning:

beautiful, marvelous

Synonyms of Stunning:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stunning:

Sentence/Example of Stunning:

In the hour of triumph the government was doomed to receive a stunning blow.

She and I have picked out a stunning design for the wedding dress.

There is no stunning confutation of his nonsense before men and angels.

He made the statement as if he expected it to come as a stunning surprise.

The stunning sense of deep affliction is a mercy from on high.

The reply was a brief and stunning one—he had been dismissed the service.

The blows of the sea seemed to traverse it in an unringing, stunning shock, from side to side.

In the threats that were materializing with stunning swiftness.

The stunning disaster that had overtaken him monopolized his thoughts.

Shorten the skirt and it will make a stunning French doll costume.