Stunningly [adverb]

Definition of Stunningly:

extremely well

Synonyms of Stunningly:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stunningly:



Sentence/Example of Stunningly:

Say, but did you ever see anything as stunningly pretty in your life?

He suffered terribly with suffocation, but bore it stunningly well.

The music which issued from the depths of that stunningly mysterious passage swelled to a crescendo—and stopped.

The latter departed, and at one o'clock reappeared, stunningly arrayed in a dark-blue walking dress, with a nobby hat to match.

He consumed bits of breakfast, with a sour confession that a newspaper-article had hit him at last, and stunningly.

A private remark was also circulated to the effect that "Miss Jessie was stunningly pretty."

And where in the world did he ever learn to ride so stunningly, like one of those dare-devils in a Wild West entertainment?

Fine-looking girl with you—stunningly dressed—beautiful features—who is she?

"It's about the most stunningly beautiful thing I ever saw," he said, still curious.