Stuns [verb]

Definition of Stuns:

amaze, shock

Opposite/Antonyms of Stuns:


Sentence/Example of Stuns:

The thing that stuns me is that I've got to do so painful a thing.

Such a gigantic tragedy as this stuns the mind and benumbs the imagination.

To stand on the verge of a swamp vocal with these, pains and stuns the ear.

There is a degree of astonishment which stuns the sense of humor.

Reflect, yourself—impudence only stuns the ignorant or the irresolute.

It stuns him, and if he recovers from that his beak is usually broken so that he must starve.

Oh, my beautiful, that you should give up so much for met The wonder of it stuns me.

He stuns the ear and captivates the senses, but does not subdue the soul.

I wondered how many tears had wet the stuns as they wuz hewn out.

What use is there a-tryin' to drop 'em out of your own private collection of stuns?