Stunting [verb]

Definition of Stunting:

delay, restrict

Opposite/Antonyms of Stunting:

Sentence/Example of Stunting:

But all this tends, as in Isaacs case, to the stunting of the man himself.

This stunting of the race begins with the education of the child.

In 1942, a very definite case of wilting and stunting was noted in cabbage plants growing in the vicinity of a black walnut tree.

From these field and laboratory studies, it was concluded that the wilting and stunting were not produced by a plant pathogen.

The phenomena observed in the stunting, or degeneration, of parts rendered useless, point to the same conclusion.

He wasn't test diving and stunting now, he was hunting and would be hunted.

Caught the chief's attention with your stunting and almost knocked the crooks out with it too.

There have been accidents due to stunting by both inexperienced and experienced pilots.

Army pilots who have had a good course in stunting would certainly recommend the same for civilian pilots.

But a plane pilot, stunting madly to dodge tracer bullets, has little time to spare for revolver work.