Stupefied [adjective]

Definition of Stupefied:


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Sentence/Example of Stupefied:

She went slowly from the room, and he remained staring, stupefied.

I was stupefied and desperate afterwards on hearing all that people told me.

She was a foreigner, but spoke French so perfectly that I was stupefied.

I must confess that I was stupefied with admiration for this plucky man.

But she looked at the trees and was stupefied, for not a leaf was stirring.

He had, in truth, the dazed manner of one stupefied by some powerful narcotic.

And this is what I had been stupefied to note: he was clean shaven!

He, stupefied, watched her trotting to and fro, twisting about and singing as she went.

Gagniere was stupefied; where the deuce could he have lost her?

Then Claude, stupefied by that triumph, virtually forgot everything else.