Stupefy [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Stupefy:

When he felt it whipping about in him, he drank alcohol to stupefy it and get some ease for himself.

We had to stupefy them a little, since they had their swords, and I feared that they might resist.

If the old man had meant to stupefy his questioner, he could not better have succeeded.

Consider the bringing to the Jove there news of such magnitude as to stupefy him!

I was obliged to etherize it a little, so as to stupefy it, and render it less uneasy.

There are low people who stupefy themselves with cheap brandy, but they are not common.

Religion seems to have no other object, than to stupefy the mind.

The fact seemed to stupefy him, and he stood with hanging hands and mouth.

They stupefy and narrow the mind by their empty, hollow, and constrained style.

You sleep till you stupefy yourself (thump), and then you go and dig.