Stupidly [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Stupidly:

Stupidly, being taken by surprise, and being new at it, I fired at once at its head.

Stupidly Smith stared at the spot from which she had disappeared.

Stupidly he spoke, his hands deep in his pockets, his head rolled forward.

Stupidly enough, the man comprehended some part of his admonishment.

Stupidly misunderstanding, he thought that Sonny was merely trying to avoid the child.

Stupidly he was aware that the new minister was doing something by him that was not exactly usual.

Stupidly enough, it took me a few seconds to swallow those twenty-seven years; but for all that my mind worked quickly.

Stupidly Annixter drove the question home again, at his wits' end as to how to make conversation.

Stupidly sensitive being that he was, he thought that this icy, intellectual Mr. Minford would laugh at him.

Stupidly he sat gazing at the back of the gamin who slunk beside the aversion of the driver on the box.