Stuporous [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Stuporous:

Meta S. (Case 15) claimed that while stuporous her tongue would not move.

The stuporous face is empty, that of the other lined with melancholy.

August, 1907:—Has been again in a stuporous state for four days.

The next stage is reached where the stuporous case can be stood upon his feet but cannot be induced to walk.

In 24 hours she woke up, began to sing "Rest for the Weary," prayed, then was stuporous again for six hours.

For him, apparently, patients who are markedly inaccessible to examination from whatever cause are "stuporous."

When deafness is associated with mutism, he thinks it is often due merely to the inattention of the stuporous state.

The name typhus is from , a smoke or fog, and it indicates the befogged, stuporous condition of the patient.

On the other hand, recovery may ensue after the stuporous condition has lasted for several weeks.

Stuporous conditions may introduce the latter, and, vice versa, Ganser complexes may creep into the stupor.