Styles [noun]

Definition of Styles:

fashion, manner

Synonyms of Styles:

Opposite/Antonyms of Styles:

Sentence/Example of Styles:

I took her myself to livery stables near me, and wrote for Styles.

In a few days she had begun to look like herself, and I sent her home with Styles.

These are the three styles—which of them is to be admitted into our State?

And shall we receive into our State all the three styles, or one only of the two unmixed styles?

Three small round holes had been pierced into the styles for ventilation.

Mr. Anthony Hope has been so lucky as to please the public in two styles.

"We've pretty thoroughly done the boat," said Styles, about midday.

"Pretty fair pledges, Colonel," said Styles, when we got this last news.

Styles for men's straw hats are set about one year in advance.

Domestic hats also comprise a wide range of styles and prices.