Stylishly [adverb]

Definition of Stylishly:

in a lively manner

Synonyms of Stylishly:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stylishly:


Sentence/Example of Stylishly:

It makes your sin no worse, as I conceive, to do it a la mode and stylishly.

Yet she ought to have known that the new-comer could not be stylishly dressed, for she was in mourning.

The most showy and stylishly dressed of their occupants are Americans.

They were there, neatly and stylishly dressed in walking-costumes.

He was stylishly dressed, and I took him for a college lad on vacation.

The women were as stylishly dressed as though they were at a bridge party—or a tournament.

The girls were pretty and stylishly dressed, but they had a predatory air.

But somehow or other Morgan always managed to translate it correctly, if not stylishly.

Youre going to get it, Carolyn leaned back against the cushions and stretched forward her stylishly shod toes.

The stylishly gowned woman is, to the average woman, well dressed, but not necessarily so to the man.