Stylishness [noun]

Definition of Stylishness:


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Sentence/Example of Stylishness:

But it wasn't her stylishness that impressed him; it was her littleness.

In the mirror he was almost startled at the stylishness of his own image.

It was not her brains, nor her beauty, nor her stylishness that affected him.

They did, however, enjoy the stylishness of buying bottles of strawberry pop at Wakamin.

Her stylishness grew marvellously, and imposed a yoke of admiring submission.

This prisoner, who was nicknamed Miss Dandy, because of her stylishness, was under indictment for theft and incendiarism.

Also he will be led to speculate favourably upon the stylishness and extent of your wardrobe.

It was a question of her wedding dress, a gown of light grey silk, the stylishness of which she considered very amusing.

Stylishness was introduced into knitted suits through the use of a greater range of solid colors.