Stylistic [adjective]

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Yet the decorative prodigality of this master corresponded to the frigid and stylistic graces of the neo-Latin poets.

Stylistic obsession and the taste for material beauty ended in mechanical prettiness, altogether inexpressive or sentimental.

But they are a discharge of passion, so that their stylistic merits vary much.

The stylistic argument shows the Theaetetus relatively early.

Germany shows the same technical and stylistic tendencies and the same evolutionary direction as France.

There were stylistic Zodiac drawings on the walls and blue-mirrored columns supporting the roof.

Here the stylistic habit of antithesis works against the meaning instead of reinforcing it.

In this period the language, especially in the hands of Cicero, reaches a high degree of stylistic perfection.

St. Peter is probably the earliest in date, having been made, judging from stylistic grounds, between 1407 and 1412.

There is no documentary authority for this attribution, and on stylistic grounds it is untenable.