Suave [adjective]

Definition of Suave:

charming, smooth

Synonyms of Suave:

Opposite/Antonyms of Suave:

Sentence/Example of Suave:

Restlessness or discontent must have peeped from behind the suave mask.

Armorer spoke with suave politeness, but there was a cynical gleam in his eye.

He was dignified and suave and gracious, also persuasive when he chose to be.

The handsome Cardinal was suave, courtly, regretful, but firm.

It is tough chewing, but in digestion most suave and fortifying.

"A moment, Mr. Parker," broke in the suave voice of the lawyer.

"Let me offer my congratulations, Captain Blythe," he said with suave irony.

M. Reinack denies the suave suggestion that he was at the bottom of this imposture.

Foyle's suave voice broke in upon the thread of his thoughts.

He was shrewd, a suave bargainer, and as honest as the day is long.