Suavity [noun]

Definition of Suavity:


Synonyms of Suavity:

Opposite/Antonyms of Suavity:

Sentence/Example of Suavity:

Would you advise me to offer you shocks as a sort of vacation from suavity?

It is a wonder that your husband has any nerves or patience or suavity left.

They find the modiste, who inspects her new customers and is all suavity.

By his suavity and impudence, he gained control of General Morris.

The suavity of this pronouncement enfolded all as with a blessing.

Smiles and suavity were then dispensed all around by this bright little bird.

He's got a surface flow of suavity, but he's rough as a hoof-rasp underneath.

On the contrary, it was distinguished by the candor and the suavity of its tone.

"You are excited," he remarked, with a suavity that nearly drove me mad.

Confusion was but food for his smiles, importunity but increased his suavity.