Subconscious [adjective]

Definition of Subconscious:

innermost in thought

Synonyms of Subconscious:

Opposite/Antonyms of Subconscious:

Sentence/Example of Subconscious:

For most of us the fear of death is a subconscious rather than an active fear.

This may be called the intuitive or subconscious judgment of woman.

Helen in those days was over-interested in the subconscious self.

This routine had been drilled into them, branded into their subconscious.

And now she knew in a subconscious sort of way why he had earlier withdrawn.

The subconscious is not a matter of location but of organization.

Some subconscious sense of obligation to his own country, he supposed.

Was our secret gradually penetrating to her subconscious mind?

She wanted to run, and yet some subconscious idea restrained her.

The story of the subconscious mind can be told in three words: there is none.