Subdividing [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Subdividing:

The business proposed was to buy a tract of land, and subdivide it.

But if, as an exception, it should be very slow, the conductor ought to subdivide it.

(b) Subdivide the rectangle into its horizontal and vertical subdivisions.

(b) Subdivide the rectangle into vertical and horizontal divisions.

Modern naturalists, following Cuvier, subdivide them into three orders:—1.

For convenience we may subdivide this period of wandering into its three journeys.

The only true atom, the only thing which we cannot subdivide and cut in half, is the universe.

The drying can be done readily if the melted fat is now and then shaken briskly, so as to subdivide the water as much as possible.

Let us subdivide the subject, that the facts may be grouped in a logical order.

And after the Court had regained its composure the discomfited agent humbly proceeded to subdivide the question.