Subdivisions [noun]

Definition of Subdivisions:

smaller entity of whole

Synonyms of Subdivisions:

Opposite/Antonyms of Subdivisions:


Sentence/Example of Subdivisions:

This subdivision of the large avenues, we were told, is gradually to be discarded.

The subdivision of labour, with all its advantages, has its reverse to the medal.

A street car line will connect the plant and the subdivision.

The Subdivision, or part of a Chapter is marked usually thus, §.

Subdivision of labor is one of the triumphs of modern civilization.

A subdivision of the compass card, equal to 5° 37′ of the circle.

A subdivision of the compass-card, equal to 2° 48′ 45″ of the circle.

He has a perfect right to lay out a subdivision if he wants, said Bobby.

As "inspector of subdivision," his light is burned until eleven.

They are called Saulteaux, and are a subdivision of the great Algonquin family.