Subjected [verb]

Definition of Subjected:

impose something

Synonyms of Subjected:

Opposite/Antonyms of Subjected:





Sentence/Example of Subjected:

But this only subjected me to reproach, as having a prepossession in his favour which I would not own.

It was blasphemy to think of her in such case, subjected to the degradation of these processes.

To what dangers might she not be subjected, by the intolerant zeal of conversion!

He seized the letter, as he had done the others, and subjected it to the same scrutiny.

Forthwith, he subjected the patient to a prolonged auscultation.

I was subjected to the indignity of questioning by many men.

Belgrade was not again, during that period at least, subjected to bombardment.

He went back to his mother and subjected her to a disgraceful cross-examination.

Besides, it was not new, and had evidently been subjected to severe service.

The ravages to which her heart was subjected, proved still more terrible.