Sublimates [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Sublimates:

Now that they're out of their force field, they'll start to sublimate.

It readily furnishes a sublimate at 100°, partially decomposing.

Boil them in a glass bottel till the sublimate be dissolved.

We must sublimate it, grind it down, hammer it out into a useful pattern.

In this there will always be a little of the sublimate left on the bottom of the jar.

This sublimate is yellow while hot, but changes to white when cold.

Tellurium, or its acid and oxide, may be got as a sublimate in the tube.

Anton Pavlovitch instantly washed his wound with warm water and sublimate, sprinkled iodoform and put on a bandage.

Heated in an ignition tube fuses and gives a sublimate of antimonious oxide.

Heated in an ignition tube gives a sublimate of sulphur, the residue becoming magnetic.