Subliminal [adjective]

Definition of Subliminal:

concerning the mind

Synonyms of Subliminal:

Opposite/Antonyms of Subliminal:

Sentence/Example of Subliminal:

My subliminal self knew what was going to happen, and was on the job, that's all.

“It is evidently a subliminal self coming to the surface,” he pronounced.

They are, in the language of Myers, uprushes from the subliminal self.

More than this—with some it was extended, and subliminal powers were set free.

Geley, Dr., his hypothesis of subliminal consciousness, 434.

The subliminal self has been active in every age of which we have any record.

We seem to be connected with each other in the unseen, subliminal, spiritual region.

Subliminal commands were sneaked into the visiphone and 3-D circuits.

This “subliminal” self (in modern terminology) has many forms.

Have you ever heard of the subliminal consciousness, Mr. Baxter?