Sublunary [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Sublunary:

Providence has a hand in this, as in all other sublunary dispensations.

Happiness in this sublunary state can scarcely be felt, but by a comparison with misery.

William Quirke has a wish to remain in this sublunary sphere.

Prudence with them is a matter of thrill like the rest of sublunary contrivances.

He, as I knew, was not in a state to interest himself in any sublunary matters.

That will all be provided; it is well not to be anxious concerning these sublunary things.

What cared he for the sordid affairs of the sublunary sphere?

It could not be anything else if belonging to a sublunary world; and to this it appeared to belong.

What striking lessons have we had of the precarious tenure of all sublunary possessions!

Sublunary divinities, crimes should not be attributed to, iv.