Submerged [verb]

Definition of Submerged:

dunk in liquid

Synonyms of Submerged:

Opposite/Antonyms of Submerged:

Sentence/Example of Submerged:

No doubt the site of this early structure has long ago been submerged.

Long cables had been submerged in the Mediterranean and the Red Sea.

Next summer a steamboat was fitted out for the purpose, and the cable was submerged.

But the night was black as ink, the darkness had submerged the horizon.

While the man was immersed in his work, he appeared not to be submerged.

The Nile had overflowed its banks and the land had been submerged.

Again Rawson's thoughts were submerged beneath his own weariness.

The submerged portion of a yacht is, as in all other boats, termed the hull.

If the boat is to be submerged the rudders are pointed as shown.

Tibby gave all the praise to himself, and so despised the struggling and the submerged.