Submissions [noun]

Definition of Submissions:


Opposite/Antonyms of Submissions:

Sentence/Example of Submissions:

I want none of his submissions, neither will I pocket any of his money.

The submissions of the Welsh procured them an accommodation with England.

It was kind of Mrs. Forrester to include herself in these submissions.

Is this the country that laughed at the French for their submissions?

She would have some submissions to make to mother—will she make them?

There have been no submissions concerning the costs of the present proceedings and that matter is reserved.

There is agitation in our serenities, as in our submissions.

The writer then relates the submissions made by certain deputies whom the Vaudois sent to the duke.

It produced some oblique notice of the submissions that were made by suppliant nations.

He rebuked his servants in Ireland for thinking too much of Irish submissions, and here he saw more clearly than they did.