Submissively [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Submissively:

I went with him submissively; I thought of nothing but the joy of my life, the love of my lover.

"I will interrupt you no more," said my mother, submissively, for she was curious.

Caeri submissively followed the orders of his brother in command.

"Now tell me what you wish me to do, and why you wish me to do it," said the lover, submissively.

"Without it be Mr. Cashel's pleasure to detain me," said the doctor, submissively.

"I dunno who you be, but I'll come," said Jason, submissively.

To these images and values he conformed, not submissively, but with a militant enthusiasm.

Submissively she entered into this most crucial series of tests.

And did she submissively consent to be deprived of her just dues?

She entreated him, humbly, submissively, fearing to make him angry.