Submitted [verb]

Definition of Submitted:

comply, endure

Opposite/Antonyms of Submitted:

Sentence/Example of Submitted:

And they submitted to this without a murmur; but all sighed for salt!

He submitted to her embrace, but scarcely spoke, and asked nothing about Corney.

If there had been any change in her manner to him, he would not have submitted so easily, probably.

He submitted to the French power, took the oath of allegiance, and became a French citizen.

But then there was constraint in the correspondence—it was submitted to her mother.

Nevertheless, the first one that was submitted passed unanimously.

How many days are past since I could have submitted to ask myself the question?

Mrs Bangham submitted; and the doctor, having administered her potion, took his own.

Mr Sparkler submitted that he had thought 'it might be got over.'

I submitted accordingly, with the best grace I could; and, happily, I had not long to wait.