Subnormal [adjective]

Definition of Subnormal:

deficient, inadequate

Opposite/Antonyms of Subnormal:

Sentence/Example of Subnormal:

There is also much loose talk about the subnormal brutes in our penitentiaries.

(a) In acute infectious diseases the number is subnormal or normal.

But DeeDee was too subnormal to react even to a Disraeli-matrix.

Furthermore, the insane and subnormal are influenced by punishment and fear.

Page 9: "Subnormal" sic; Byond amended to Beyond; opening quote marks added to "supernormal"

However, I indicated in another sense that I wasn't material for any propaganda of hysterical and subnormal seances.

Decoration, which is an ornamental art, is feminine, and it will appeal to men who have a subnormal amount of the creator in them.

In those days they did not know that it is a field of subnormal electronic balance—in effect, the result of de-electroniration.

The temperature is subnormal, and the exposed parts tend to become blue in cold weather.

In most families it is not possible for either or both parents to give entire time, strength and devotion to one subnormal child.