Subordinated [verb]

Definition of Subordinated:

astonish, devastate

Synonyms of Subordinated:

Opposite/Antonyms of Subordinated:

Sentence/Example of Subordinated:

All else on his canvas is subordinated to the grim image of the colossal Puritan.

Everything of late years has been subordinated to this design.

For the moment, he subordinated his personal problems to his wrath at Henry.

Select parenthetical clauses and show how they are subordinated.

Every refining trait was subordinated to the exigencies of the gospel of force.

To this primary requirement every other feature should be subordinated.

But all else was subordinated to the line of moving transports.

Everything was subordinated to this Divine realisation and to his Divine purpose.

His relish for fun and frolic was as keen as ever, but it was now subordinated to his judgment.

The passions downstairs must be subordinated to the people upstairs.