Subordinates [noun]

Definition of Subordinates:

person that serves another

Synonyms of Subordinates:

Opposite/Antonyms of Subordinates:

Sentence/Example of Subordinates:

His subordinates all knew that Mosu was young and had lost his wife.

Its only aim is pecuniary gain, to which it subordinates all else.

Nowhere in nature do we find the slave-law which subordinates one sex to the other.

Before the interested eyes of his subordinates, Juve set the trap in motion.

Subordinates will say there is peace when there is no peace, if the master requires it.

The Papal hierarchy and their subordinates are resolved to be supreme.

Some of the efficiency methods of 274 his subordinates were picturesque to say the least.

There were nine members of subordinates altogether, Anita had calculated.

Heldon Foyle had selected his subordinates well for their work.

Rosecrans, doubtless, knows its whereabouts, but his subordinates do not.