Suborned [verb]

Definition of Suborned:

incite to commit crime

Synonyms of Suborned:

Opposite/Antonyms of Suborned:


Sentence/Example of Suborned:

The single sentry he could suborn, or else—if bribery failed—poniard.

Shall I shoot the dog below who dares to attempt to suborn our men?

They suborn their reason to declare in favour of their necessity.

Was there no postman or postmaster whom he could suborn to intercept them for him?

It is they who suborn our press and blind the eyes of our people.

But to sit silent now is to suborn The common villainy you scorn.

They suborn their reason to declare in favor of their necessity.

They endeavored even to debauch our pity, and to suborn it in favor of cruelty.

If Blondel tampered with any one, he would naturally, if he knew aught of the house, suborn Claude or Anne.

Meanwhile you suborn 'unwarranted belief' by making belief a matter of reward and penalty.