Subsection [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Subsection:

A subsection, Parapinaster, is established for these exceptional species.

Forty-two of the sixty-six species of Pinus are included in this subsection.

In this subsection the Diptera, Libellulina and Mantid will find their place.

I was in charge of my subsection at the guns and the men wanted water.

An order of a Magistrate under this subsection shall be final and conclusive.

In this subsection Kant introduces the distinction between understanding and judgment which he has sought to justify in A 130 ff.

Editorial interjections, including section and subsection headings not in the original, are enclosed in brackets.

Among the Soft Pines the external duct is invariable in the subsection Paracembra.

Now a system prevailed in the battery by which horses were called by names which began with the letter of their subsection.

You'll take over the wheel of A subsection gun team to-day, and have those two remounts to drive.