Subserve [verb]

Definition of Subserve:

act, do

Synonyms of Subserve:

Opposite/Antonyms of Subserve:

Sentence/Example of Subserve:

There were higher crimes they might attain to, and grander interests they might subserve.

Such records may, in various ways, subserve the cause of emancipation.

The former includes all structure that is adapted to subserve some function.

But I'm willing you should use my name, darling, to subserve your timidity.

Let it be shown that barbarism ought not to subserve civilization.

It is just that barbarism should subserve civilization; that Wrong should subserve Right.

I answer, that it is right that barbarism should subserve civilization.

Everything was done to subserve the faith and suppress heresy.

We differ from them in that we have no material ends to subserve.

You could make chemistry, for instance, subserve the needs of commerce, couldn't you?