Subsided [verb]

Definition of Subsided:

die down; decrease

Synonyms of Subsided:

Opposite/Antonyms of Subsided:

Sentence/Example of Subsided:

Out in the night the yells had subsided since the Hadji's harangue, if not wholly because of it.

Some weeks had passed, and the first shock of these events had subsided.

Edward felt the appeal; but his jealousy had not yet subsided.

"Of course, I gave him back his money," she went on, when her emotion had subsided.

After the disorder has subsided, the walls of the room should be washed with hot lime, which will render it perfectly sweet.

The blizzard had now subsided, and the stars shone overhead.

“Good fer you, good fer you,” cried the butcher, and subsided with a loud guffaw.

But the moment it had subsided the derided one shot out his retort.

Azuba, with an indignant toss of the "made-over" hat, subsided for the time.

Daniel thumped the side of his stall and then subsided for another nap.