Subsidies [noun]

Definition of Subsidies:

money given to help another

Synonyms of Subsidies:

Opposite/Antonyms of Subsidies:

Sentence/Example of Subsidies:

All that was clear was their inordinate appetite for subsidies.

What reparations, and subsidies, and contributions he is put to, besides his rent!

Negociations for subsidies were set on foot with Venice, Holland, and England.

What does he care for us, if only the Queen doesn't get angry and withdraw the subsidies?

The subsidies were for five years and took the form of cash and coffee.

And for subsidies that will not hinder it; gold may be bought too dear.'

Its first expenses were met with the help of Spanish subsidies.

The subsidies were cut down and there was general discontent.

England fought, not only with subsidies, but with her armies and her fleets.

Subsidies were granted by both the confederation and the canton of Bern.