Subsiding [verb]

Definition of Subsiding:

die down; decrease

Synonyms of Subsiding:

Opposite/Antonyms of Subsiding:

Sentence/Example of Subsiding:

"I wanted only to know where I am," Tolto replied, subsiding meekly.

She and d'Alcacer up there seemed to dominate the tumult which was now subsiding.

In the roll of thunder, swelling and subsiding, he whispered in his ear a sarcastic: "Of course!"

These subsiding, she viewed the matter from its business aspect.

Save for subsiding bubbles, and the bogus water, there was nothing there.

I said, I thought the heat a little, and but a little, subsiding.

This, with a glance at Dominick heaving in the subsiding storm of his mirth.

The sense of disorientation set up by the tractors was subsiding.

The war had periods of flare-up and periods in which it seemed to be subsiding.

The pan was subsiding from the incline of a sea to the level of the trough.