Subsidized [verb]

Definition of Subsidized:

give money to get started

Synonyms of Subsidized:

Opposite/Antonyms of Subsidized:

Sentence/Example of Subsidized:

The municipalities were to promote their creation and to subsidize them.

And thenwhat did he subsidize these gunmen for if not for such an emergency as this?

Do you think that in the world we live in one can subsidize a Divinity, a first-class one, for that price?

Men buy and sell their millions, subsidize states, and raise loans in dens dark and dismal enough to be prison-cells.

It is unpromising enough outside, but there is wealth within to subsidize a kingdom.

It has also been suggested that the State might subsidize millers to the extent of 2s.

You must remember that ten minutes hence you'll be trying to subsidize a railroad company.

The substitutes were, first, to purchase a peace; and secondly, to subsidize other nations to protect commerce.

I have actually to subsidize a masseuse to live round the corner, and she cheeks me all the time.

Another is for a few people of means to subsidize a magazine for the exhaustive criticism of contemporary work for a few years.