Subsoil [noun]

Definition of Subsoil:

ground, soil

Synonyms of Subsoil:

Opposite/Antonyms of Subsoil:


Sentence/Example of Subsoil:

It provides that the State is entitled to retain what they call ‘subsoil rights.’

I think, however, I will turn over a furrow of subsoil in it.

The strength of team depends entirely on the character of the subsoil.

The subsoil is a store of inert fertility that should not remain dormant.

They improve the physical condition of the subsoil as well as the top soil.

The mingling of humus and the subsoil is brought about by several means.

It is important to keep the top soil on the top and the subsoil underneath.

Was subsoil spread on the surface when the grounds were graded?

As regards the subsoil of the Open Sea, see below, 287c and 287d.

This is natural, because their real work is that of the subsoil plough and the harrow.